Hi! I’m Margaret McCutcheon (sounds like Mah-cutch-un) and you’ve found my corner on the internet. Since you’ve clicked on the about, here’s some of my story. I left New York City behind in search of a sunnier, coastal lifestyle with my family. We call Charleston, South Carolina home now, and spend as much time as possible treading its cobblestone streets and sinking into the sand at the surrounding beaches, overgrown with wildflowers. It is a small city with rapid growth, and we enjoy being a part of its buzz.

I am a classically trained, former professional cook and baker, with a degree I earned in Los Angeles for culinary arts and hospitality management, and have received a Scholastic medal for my personal writing. With my husband, we are raising three wonderful children, and although an adjustment, we’ve grown to cherish things like buying fresh shrimp down a dirt road, right off the boat.

ThisΒ is a life and style blog; it is a token of my love for the little particulars – from charming streets to outfit details, and trying new things. I have a penchant for collecting throw pillows and consuming spicy food. We are getting closer to buying a house and I can’t wait to share with you how we fix it up on here, as well as bits of our home in the meantime.

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