Coastal Decor: Succulents + Seashells


After a string of rainy days and cabin fever, I decided to rekindle my crafty side with some gardening. One of the things I got around to doing was a succulent bowl. I’ve been using Dr. Earth’s Organic Fertilizer for a few months on all of my plants and I am obsessed! I started with a single succulent and sprinkled it with this fertilizer, and seeing it grow so much made me want to finally follow through with this cute bowl. I’m gaining confidence in my ability to not kill plants so I picked up several more of these low maintenance blooms. Adding shells is a gentle way to evoke those beach days at home.

I used a large terracotta bowl with a hole in the center (similar here) and fitted a matching terracotta saucer underneath it (and here). I used EcoScraps; it incorporates food waste for a rich, hearty soil (and great recycling). It looked a little empty without me completely filling it with succulents, so I put some of my seashell collection to work. ..Which honestly makes my heart happy, instead of them being tucked away in the closet! The middle and shining star of my bowl is an aloe vera plant. I know at some point this summer someone will get a burnt nose and will be glad to have a slathering of it.

A little succulent info. They get their name from their thick leaves which hold onto water so well. You must put them in something that can drain. Allow the soil to dry before its next drink. They require a half-to-full day of sunlight and can survive indoors or outdoors.

I used bits of shells that I’ve collected from our surrounding beaches, and now I am reminded of those quiet, tender moments spent with my family when I look at it. As naval officer and explorer Jacques Cousteau rightly put it, “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds us in its net of wonder forever.” It is only natural to enjoy having a little piece of it in your home to help you recall those peaceful hours in the sun. If you don’t have any on hand but would like to try the look, you can always use decorative shells.

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